Below is a list of our range rules.The Best Archery focuses and encourages everyone to follow safety guidelines.

  • ONLY RECURVE and COMPOUND bows are allowed.rules
  • The range is OUT OF BOUNDS if you are in a dizzy and delightful mode due to consumption of alcohol/medication.
  • NO RUNNING and SHOUTING inside the Range.
  • Please follow the instruction of the Range Officer; Archer will be liable for any damage.
  • Do Not CROSS THE SHOOTING LINE until the Range Officer has allowed.
  • All arrows must face the target downwards during nocking or remain in quivers without any exception.
  • DO NOT RELEASE the arrow if the Range Officer calls “STOP” / “DON’T SHOOT”.
  • Any INJURY and/or VIOLATION OF SAFETY RULES must be immediately REPORTED to The Best Archery staff.
  • TBA Management reserves the right to DISALLOW anyone WITHOUT REFUND they find to be a NUISANCE and/or in violation of safety rules.
  • TBA encourages all archer to practice good sportsmanship with safety.
  • Parents/ guardians of  participants under the age of 16 shall supervise their children at all times.
  • No private coaching allowed.
  • No external food/drinks allowed inside the range.


In addition to these rules we expect everyone to act sensibly as well as respect fellow customers and our staff.