What type of bows can be used?

For the Discovery Course, First Time Archers can rent:

Cartel Wooden Bow or Optima Wooden Bow depending upon individuals Draw Length (height) and Draw Weight.

If you have your own bow set then your are welcome to use it as long as it is Recurve or Compound bow. Traditional and Hunting bows are not allowed.

However, TBA Management reserves the right to disallow any bow set that may pose any safety  concern.

How safe is it?

We have experienced National Archer and trained Range officers to guide you even if it your first time.
Like any sport, accidental injuries can occur but compared to football, basketball, and even golf, injury rates for Archery are much lower.

What type of attire is recommended?

  • Closed toed shoes are strongly advised.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes and long hair should be tied.
  • Loop ear Rings, bracelets, watches are required to be taken off prior to participation.
  • Prescription Glasses can be worn during shooting.

Can anybody master it?

Archery can be taken up by anyone and everyone, above the age of 9 years, who want to increase confidence, concentration or just want to relax. Mastering Archery requires patience, focus and determination for which our Range Officers will guide you and ensure you enjoy every moment at TBA.

Have a safe and fun time.